Review: The Electrifying Mr Johnston – The Studio, Edinburgh

First published in The Times, Tuesday February 19 2019

Three Stars

Tom Johnston is not exactly a household name — maybe not even in the households of aficionados of Scottish politics. A minister in Ramsay MacDonald’s coalition government of 1929-1935, and initially associated with the radical left-wing of the Labour Party, Johnston would go on to serve as secretary of state for Scotland in Winston Churchill’s wartime cabinet.

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Review: Hector – Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh

First published in The Times, Friday November 13 2015

Three Stars

To the casual eye, Major-General Sir Hector MacDonald looks the ultimate pillar of the British establishment. Popularly known as “Fighting Mac”, he was knighted for his leadership at the Battle of Omdurman and during the Boer War and was reportedly Queen Victoria’s favourite general. His square-jawed, moustachioed image was even said to be the model for the Gordon Highlander soldier depicted on the label for Camp Coffee.

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