Theatre review: The White Card – Northern Stage, Newcastle

First published in The Times, Thursday May 5 2022


The dinner table has been laid, the first bottle has been opened and the audience is about to be served chewy questions of race and white privilege. We are guests in the tastefully appointed, austere home of Charles and Virginia (Matthew Pidgeon and Kate Copeland), a liberal white couple whose wealth has found focus in a foundation for emerging artists. The guest of honour is Charlotte (Estella Daniels), a talented photographer who specialises in images of aggression towards African-Americans.

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Theatre review: Road – Northern Stage, Newcastle

First published in The Times, Friday October 15 2021


Natalie Ibu’s revival of Road is an ambitious calling card for the new artistic director of Northern Stage. Jim Cartwright’s theatrical tapestry, first staged in the mid-1980s, famously weaves together the lives of some 35 characters: residents of a single street in a run-down working-class pocket of Lancashire.

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