Review: Broken Biscuits – Live Theatre, Newcastle

First published in The Times, Thursday October 13 2016

Three Stars

A lack of musical talent or training has never prevented the young from dreaming of (and, in certain cases, achieving) rock stardom. An inability to play or write music in no way deters Megan (Faye Christall), the spirited protagonist of this new comedy-drama from playwright Tom Wells.


Overweight and at times overbearing, Megan is the leader of a trio of teenage misfits that also includes shy computer geek Holly (Grace Hogg-Robinson) and sweet gay pal, Ben (Andrew Reed), the only boy ever apply to study textiles at the local sixth form college. With the three friends on the cusp of leaving school, and tired of languishing at the bottom of the social pecking order, Megan spots a chance to transform their uncool image when she notices a drum kit for sale in the window of a charity shop.

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Review: The Human Ear – Roundabout at Summerhall, Edinburgh Fringe

First published in The Times, Thursday August 27 2015

Four Stars

It would be fair to say that the playwright Alexandra Wood is having a good Fringe. Her adaptation of Manfred Karge’s Man to Man is a must-see, while this new two-hander, which reunites the cast and director of last year’s hit, The Initiate, offers a compelling, refreshingly ambiguous take on loss, identity and the need for connection in an uncertain world.

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